Oven pancakes… Good thinking.

Hey, mamas! Tired of eating cold pancakes all by yourself because by the time you get to sit down to eat, everyone is done eating? Well fret no more, my lovelies!
I present to you a brilliant idea ( that I stole from a friend who stole it from a friend… Etc.)


Simply prepare your batter as you normally would. Pour it into a GREASED baking sheet. And bake at 400 for 10ish minutes. Cut them into squares and serve!
They turn out slightly crispier on the bottom than tradition pancakes, but no one at my table complained. No flipping, no dripping, and best of all, mom gets to eat with the family.



About dramafreemama

My name is Deborah. I am a former teacher, turned education consultant for a technology company; I am a writer; I am a wife to a blue-eyed beard; I am an animal lover and rescuer. But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mama. My sons, Zac and Jett are 4 and 7, so every day is an adventure and a lesson in survival! This blog is about the daily juggle (and struggle) of the working mom… I'm glad you stopped by!
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