Stuff I don’t understand…

I realize that the collection of things I don’t understand could fill a book (or series of volumes even) rather than a simple blog post… But this will have to do at present. Perhaps I will write a book when I actually feel like I understand more shit… Anyway… Lately I find myself so often saying “I just don’t get it” and so I need to air a few things. Right now.

Here is a list of some things that make no sense to me… In no particular order.

bostonOne– The capacity for human cruelty that we are all faced with every day, every time we turn on a news station or unfold a newspaper. Bombings… shootings… child abuse… bullying… and the countless other ways in which man mistreats other man (and animals) on a daily basis. I need not even provide examples. You’re surrounded by it too… and probably just as baffled as I.

Two– Where are the mommies and daddies? Teaching eleventh grade for the ninth year in a row, I am appalled at the appearance (not to mention demeanor) of some children. Hey 16 year old girl with a skirt on the size of a sheet of loose-leaf paper… PLEASE tell me your parents did not see you when you left the house this morning– And that this is solely YOUR bad judgement  as a teen, and not theirs as adults. PS-Aren’t you cold? PSS- Everyone can see your vagina.

This is not a prom dress. It is half of one. And you are a whore.

This is not a prom dress. It is half of one. And you are a whore.

Three– Justin Bieber. Seriously, good opinion or bad, (Belieber or Non-Belieber?) — why does everyone care so damned much what this kid says and does? His impact canNOT  be that significant. Pipe the fuck down, people. He’s 19. He acts 19. He just happens to have a singing career. (WHY he has a singing career also remains a mystery.)

Seriously though, why do these exist? (To be fair, i linked to the Etsy shop where you can buy them... for you Beliebers. LOL.)

Seriously though, why do these exist? (To be fair, I linked to the Etsy shop where you can buy them… for you Beliebers. LOL.)

Four– A mommy can catch  an ailing child’s puke in her bare hands and not bat an eye (Trust me, I did this yesterday)… but a week-old sippy cup that started off as milk will bring her to her dry-heaving knees. Every time.

To open and pray for stale juice... or to chuck it and cut my losses?

To open and pray for stale juice… or to chuck it and cut my losses?

Five– How a toddler can watch the same [crappy] movie over and over again… actually DEMAND to… and not get sick of it. Seriously, I’m ready to set glue traps for Alvin, Simon, & Theodore.

Worst movie ever. Seriously I want to murder it.

Worst movie ever. Seriously I want to murder it. Twice.

Six– Algebra. For real, that shit’s still hard.

For real.

For real.

Ok, so this started off serious… and I fully intended to express myself maturely today. ( No really, I swear! ) But it seems I got progressively smartassier as I continued… Alas, still stuff I don’t understand.

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I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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9 Responses to Stuff I don’t understand…

  1. Jean Heff says:

    I think somehow it all connects. I too, do not understand most of these things. I do not have teens wearing short skirts to school but I continue to not understand how someone can send their 7 year old to school wearing a shirt advertising hard liquor. Maybe it’s just us.
    Also, I chuck the sippys. It’s too much.

  2. Ok, I think I love you. I just came across your blog from Twitter and I love your post. I totally agree. Especially with number 2. At our kinder class, one of the little girls came to class in a bra. For what? To hold up her nips? I couldn’t believe it. I guess it was because her 2nd grade sister was wearing one. And believe me, this second grader did not need a bra. What message are these parents allowing their children to share with my little girl? That you need to grow up fast. No thank you. My little girl is not wearing a bra until she has boobs. And she will not be walking out the door to school that makes her look like a whore.

    • Haha thanks! I am glad ya took the time! And someone please enlighten me as to why they even make little girls clothing (like size 7-14 section) with messages across the butt? Inviting pervs to look at an 8 year olds behind… Smart. And nothing about your 3rd grader is bootylicious. Stoppit.

  3. ::::applauding and agreeing::::: love you always 🙂

  4. Helene Maram says:

    In regard to the proper attire for our modern young ladies …thank you…thank you….so I am not an old fashioned out of touch granny after all….I am appalled at the way our girls are so influenced by their “idol of the moment” in dressing and behaviors. Where are all the sweet white dresses and flats or small heels for our 13/14 year old grads. As for the older groups the “leaving things to the imagination” is a lost art. Our kids go from 5 to 25.

  5. Angela Glenn says:

    I just discovered your blog and as a high school teacher myself had to sign up to follow. Hope you can stop over at my site. Love your humor.

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