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Bad parenting advice…

The more time I spend in the blogosphere, the more I love being a part of it. There are tons of “mommy-bloggers” out there just teeming with advice, anecdotes, and best of all, HUMOR. And everybody has their own little … Continue reading

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$10 Awesome Casserole…

Just sharing a quick one this morning… Because anytime my lunch tote (last night’s leftovers) makes me excited for 11:15 to arrive, I think that’s a recipe that ought to be passed along. HA! And the fact that it yields … Continue reading

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Good morning, from teacher land…

Alternate title–> COFFEE::COFFEE::COFFEE::COFFEE In the school I work in, teaching eleventh grade English, we operate on a 4-by-4 block schedule. That means every semester, I get new kids and start my course all over. This is awesome for a lot … Continue reading

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