Etsy kicks Target’s ass…

Holiday spirit is in the air! And by that I mean… Shopping is in the air. Unavoidable crowds, over-priced chotchskys, and last minute impulse buys! With this being the season for giving, it is also a great time to support small business. Yes, Wal-mart and Target and Amazon are virtually unavoidable, but I have a deep spiritual love for personalized gifts. And so began my love affair with Etsy. If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, let me just briefly explain to you this magnificent hub of online awesome. It’s like a craft fair. Like the kind where local artisans all gather under a big white tent and peddle their wares from cafeteria tables, except it’s online. No tent. No tables. No crowds. No bearded ladies in MuMus. (there had to be one downside…) You simply search for what you’re a’lookin for, and you’re bound to find a creative soul somewhere who has made it and is selling it on their personal Etsy shop site, and will likely ship it to you for cheap. Sweet lord Jesus, it’s a Christmas miracle!

You see, I love to pin DIY projects from Pinterest. Only I don’t want to DIM. I want someone with more time and talent than I have to DIFM. And these owners of Etsy shops range from stay at home moms who knit or craft jewelry to professional artists who sculpt masterpieces out of rare materials.  I’m pretty much covered. (People are designing their weddings from Etsy vendors alone!) I have only dabbled a little, but I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite Etsy shops. If I had to pick just 5…

Missing Pieces Studio… this was the first Etsy site I ever shopped. I stumbled upon it accidentally, via their Facebook™ site I believe. Their concept is simple, but brilliant. They sell one formula… Scrabble™ tile pendants. Each one is made from a single tile with some other picture, design, or pattern affixed to it. Each one is only $6.95 and it comes with either a ball chain or a key ring. There are truly HUNDREDS of choices. From beautiful, to nerdy, to quirky, to fashionable, to funky. I bought 6 in my first order and got a shipping discount! There is really something for everyone, and they make fantastically thoughtful  and PERSONAL gifts. Stocking stuffers anyone??

Yes please!

Yes please!

I heart Missing Pieces Studio

I heart Missing Pieces Studio


Trimble Crafts… this is a cool little site for signage. They make simple, wooden, painted signs with messages on them. If you don’t like one you see featured, message the seller and ask for what you want! The signs are made out of plywood, paint, and a strip of fabric for hanging. Yeah, I could make that pretty easily… but for $9.95, I don’t have to buy paint, sand wood, nor find time to do any of the above. They’re cute and make nice gifts, especially for someone who likes the country/southern decor look.

Framed and fancy! Good man gift...

Framed and fancy! Good man gift…

One of MANY message signs on the site...

One of MANY message signs on the site…


Mother Daughter Jewel… this one speaks to my love of all things personalized. Here you will find necklace pendants to represent the important relationships in your life, most notably motherhood. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby birthstone jewelry. Are you listening, hubby? Mother daughter Jewel has numerous design choices and every birthstone combination available. These would make fantastic grandma gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Mother-in-law gifts, you name it! (Get it? Since they’re engraved… Ok nevermind.)

Beautiful and simple. The way I like my life to be...

Beautiful and simple. The way I like my life to be…

LOVE this one! And did I mention they are all hand-stamped??

LOVE this one! And did I mention they are all hand-stamped??


Swim Little Fish… This is another one of those ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That” moments. But even if I did, I’d still buy these… Swim Little Fish features yarn wrapped wreaths with hand-made felt flowers and other appliques. There are lots of colors and designs in this seller’s gallery, but she can do any color combination you like and for any occasion! The possibilities are endless! She is a creative, smart, lovely, hard-working mommy, and a personal friend. (Bonus!) All her materials are eco-friendly, and she’s selling these modern, chic wreaths far cheaper than she ought to.

This one feels like summer!

This one feels like summer!

My favorite in the gallery... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

My favorite in the gallery… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


And lastly…

Next Door to Heaven… The sophistication of monogramming meets the rugged simplicity of a feedsack. No seriously! That’s really what most of the items on this site are made of.  I always have a hard time with wedding gifts… I want to choose something meaningful, but you’ve registered for a butter dish and a coffe-grinder. Hmmmm. This shop has some beautiful (and reasonably priced) home interiors which can be personalized for the perfect house-warming or wedding gift.

This journal would make a great grad gift for your bookish cousin. And it's only $15!

This journal would make a great grad gift for your bookish cousin. And it’s only $15!

Where wast his last summer when I was invited to 3 beach weddings?

Where was this last summer when I was invited to 3 beach weddings?


Well, that’s all for now! Happy shopping, friends! Please add below in the comments the link to your favorite Etsy shop or other small business vendor online!


Oh and one more thing…


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