The dramafreemama<—(I fancy myself bold and fuschia today) has been “missing in action” for weeks… because she is a terrrrrible secret keeper. And she has a whopper of a secret. She also doesn’t prefer to speak in third person… Soooo here it is, ya’ll. My precious little Zacca-dude, currently 2, is being upgraded to BIG BROTHER in May! He is excited and wants to name it “Toy.” We are beyond excited, and briefly considering “Toy.” I’ve heard worse.

This is my excited face!

Anyone who has experienced the miracle of working-motherhood knows how tired I am from a full time job plus my real job, chasing a high-energy (Read: balls to tha’ wall) 2 year old around… add in 1st trimester fatigue, and WHOA. I’ve been face-in-dinnerplate exhausted. (The kind where I’d cry… if I had the energy to get up and get a tissue.) I’d pat myself on the back, but it already hurts badly enough. Did I mention that said 2 year old is 37 lbs of fury and has learned to speak? Anyway…

Butterbean Perry (Looks like daddy!)

We are hoping for a healthy and “normal” pregnancy, just like we were blessed with the first time. Although I am already hearing from so many who have gone before me, “Shew! If my second had been my first, it had been my last!” Or “Sure isn’t as easy the second time through!”  I’m not sure whether to value their honesty, or punch them in the neck for being icky and negative. Regardless, we are taking it day by day, week by week, (we’re at 8 weeks by the way) and trying not to stress over the million and two things we have to do to get ready (and get Zac ready) for “Butterbean” Perry, due May 21st. Incidentally, that’s an emerald birthstone…. SCOOORE! Someone please direct Newman accordingly… we know what happens when he has no gift guidance.  The additional bonus? As a teacher, I totally nailed the date planning… I’ll be out the last 3-4 tedious weeks of school, <testing, textbook inventory, checkoff lists from hell, etc> then off all summer with new cuddle-mate. Then a fresh start in September! WOOO-HOOO!

Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin” would have been greatER… with a beer tap on it…

So if you’re a drinker, have a drink and celebrate for me! Because Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale and Woodchuck Hard Cider…  are all out of the question for me this season. I hope the specificity of this revelation clarifies the only shred of disappointment in this blessing. Mommy likes her fall brews.



So that’s all! I’m just over here making a person. No big deal. Expect lots of fun updates, as the 1st trimester exhaustion wont last forever! Oh, and no barf yet! Keep your fingers crossed. Now, where did I put my peanut butter n’ pickle sammich??

If you know me, ya had to have seen this one coming… 😛


About dramafreemama

I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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3 Responses to M.I.A.

  1. Bedell says:

    Congrats Debbie Sue!!

  2. First, let me say congratulations on your new journey in life! Second, I don’t have a “Mother’s Ring” design yet because everyone is green (peridot, peridot, emerald) except for me (amethyst). I can’t seem to get a format that would look right, lol! And third, you’ll do just fine. Sure it will take some time to adjust, but so did the first one.

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