My fat summer

This has been a weird summer for me–The first of which I have not had a real job, other than chasing a 2-year-old like a headless chicken. And although that is harder “work” than any outside-the-home job I have ever contended with (no bullshit), it has been strange to not have a set schedule to keep and deadlines to meet etc. Unless you count the ever-changing deadlines and demands Zac sets for me… which typically include the words “mine” and “now.” (Boy has he become charming.) Anyway, as a result of not having to get up and go… I’ve gotten pretty bad about my snackage. As in, my size 28 Luckys that were my comfys in April, are now my “hold my breath, button, 4 squats, and I’m ok to breathe” jeans. And my celebrate-the-butt jeans? (Newman’s name for them– not mine.) Non-option. Ugh. Not cool.

So as I was perusing Pinterest–another ass-sitting habit I have formed this summer–I came across this awesome “healthy” snack that I thought might curb my craving for sweets. It’s essentially grapes rolled in jello powder & chilled to give them a little sour UMPH! (Is that a word? Does it count as onomatopoeia?) Anyway, I tried my own variation of it, as I am notoriously bad at following anyone else’s directions! I call them “Sour Patch Berries” (& grapes).

Sour Patch Berries & Grapes– Oh Yeah.

Here’s what I did…

I gathered my 2 favorite fruits and some lemonade mix– (instead of the Jello… essentially b/c I didn’t want to go to the store and I already had these.)


Shake off excess water and roll the fruit in the magic sour powder… Place on tray. (Duh.)

Place in the freezer for about 30 minutes… longer if you want them frozen solid to drop in a fizzy drink!

And VOILA! Sour fruity goodness!


They were super-delish to munch on, and much healthier than sour gummy candies… my ultimate fave. WARNING– If they set out, they get slimy as they thaw and the melty lemonadey goo is like glue on dishes, so only make the amount you intend to eat in a sitting. Or take out what you want and put the rest right back in the freezer. If you want more fun recipes, ideas, and general awesomeness, click the button at the bottom of this page (or the link at the end of this sentence…) and follow me on Pinterest!


XOXO- dramafreemama


PS- Please enjoy this free photo of my reason for living.





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One Response to My fat summer

  1. Beatrice And says:

    It looks delicious! And it’s healthy! Great idea 🙂 Enjoy my new post and my blog

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