What I’m reading…

And no it’s not 50 Shades of Grey. Sorry.

Having been tied up this week in ‘last week of school’ rituals and duties– Final exam reviews, exemption verifications, attendance tallies, textbook inventory, and the twisted faculty scavenger hunt from hell (aka “The Checkout Sheet”) my brain has not had much room for blog fodder. But I have, during my procrastination sessions, stumbled across a few pause-worthy articles that are worth sharing.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Trim the fat!

100 Great Money Saving Tips… Having replanned our family budget this week to make some summer adjustments, I stumbled upon this list of ideas, tips, tricks, and AH-HAs for being more financially secure and savvy. Some are things I already do; some are things I know I won’t do; and some are things I plan to implement immediately, if not sooner. Out of 100, you’re bound to snag one or two that might be helpful to you. Check it out!

To Heck With the House, Baby-proof your MARRIAGE…   “Circle of Moms” is a wonderful online community full of super-smart mommy people. I follow them on Facebook to keep up with tons of interesting articles and posts about everything that is part of my world– you know, the whole wife+mommy+gainful member of society gig I got going on. This article falls under that “Things No One Tells You” category… read on.


Come be a monkee!

Putting my kids to bed: A Game of Whack-a-Mole…  Glennon Melton, blogger/author of Momastery, can always be counted on to relay her “brutiful” life with class and humor. This post is about the bedtime routine that a lot of parents struggle with. They keep popping back up! Glennon has a way of putting things in perspective that always makes me breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not the only one. With the question currently on the table as to whether or not we should convert Zac’s crib to a toddler bed this weekend, this one was right on time.

6 Gross Food Ingredients You Didn’t Know You Were Eating…  Read this! Unless you’d prefer enjoying your food. Thanks, Reader’s Digest.

Check her out!

The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA! This blog is just too cute for words, as is the girly girl who writes it. This week, Miss Lauran celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary by recapturing her wedding week on her blog. It was stunning and clever– both the wedding and the blog. Just beautiful people celebrating beautiful things. It’s the stuff Pinterest™ is made of.

That’s all for now! Last day of school love,

The dramafreemama 


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I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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