Big # 2– UPDATE!

Zac’s Sesame Street birthday party extravaganza was a BIG hit– he had more than 40 guests, tons of food, and even more tons of fun! We all went to bed feeling very blessed and dog tired. Here are the highlights…

Crafty mommy hand-decorated the goodie bags– Paper bags were 33 cents each at Wal-mart in the gift wrap section, googly eyes $2/dozen with the craft supplies, and the rest was just construction paper and Elmers glue!

The 2 collage turned out nicely… overall, About $9 total for foam project board and printed photos, both at Walgreens. I used an X-acto knife for precise trimming. The whole project took between 3 and 4 hours.

Ritz stackers were a hit! –Ritz cracker, chive&onion cream cheese, and a cucumber slice or pepperoni. PINNING!

The birthday boy LOVED our Sesame tees– I got them on online ( for $9.99 each! Click this picture to go to the website!

One of the coolest toys Zac got was the “Anchors Away” pirate ship water table. I see some great summer days ahead with this!
$79.99 at Toys R’ Us– click the pic for link!

What he has had the most fun with so far? A balloon. $1.50 at a fine retailer near you.

Wishing I could freeze frame him this size forever…. Priceless!
HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, ZACHARY! We love you so much!


On Monday, I will be going to pick up thank-you cards for all of Zac’s guests. I think this is a very important ritual for kids to begin early. I know while he is only 2, I am doing all of work, but I want Zac to at least be cognizant of the effort to be thankful for our gifts and blessings. I would hate for his wife to be the one to teach him this concept after their wedding! She would know for sure that his momma dropped the ball! So next occasion your little one receives gifts, don’t forget the thank-you cards! And if they’re old enough, make them part of the practice and the process.

There are some great fill-in style cards like this one at Maggie’s Station Stationery– Click this pic to read more about why kid Thank-Yous are so important!


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One Response to Big # 2– UPDATE!

  1. Carrie says:

    Adorable! Good job Momma, especially with the thank you cards! Glad to hear it was such a success. Happy belated birthday Zac!

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