I am re-posting this entry because today finds me back in another SOL testing session… my sentiments are still that of regret and dismay for the commonwealth’s public education system. Here’s to hoping the tide will turn soon…


[Alternate title–> “SOLs: It means what you think it does”]

This morning I get the thrilling, chilling, coffee spilling task of proctoring the ever-dreaded, state-mandated Standards of Learning test for English 11– affectionately termed the SOL. I assure you wholeheartedly, it is no misnomer.

These tests, for all subjects and most grade levels, are designed presumably to assess one’s general knowledge of a course’s subject matter, after X number of hours of classroom time. And since a passing score on each test is required for graduation, their goal is to ensure that upon exiting high school, you know at least “this much.” <Holds hands up to measure from here to here.> But here’s the problem I am witnessing, and regrettably helping to perpetuate, semester after semester, at John Q. Public High School… (You had to have known a high horse, soap boxy rant was forthcoming…) We are raising a…

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