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When your little baby is not so little anymore…

Incomprehensible sounds start turning into real words, which begin linking together to make logical phrases… pointing and whining at a cup becomes a clear and articulated “juice please.” The word “baby” may even drop off the front of his name. … Continue reading

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March for baby Alex…

When I try to describe the way I felt when I first held my beautiful, healthy, APGAR 10 baby boy, words fail me. Probably because I was so overwhelmed by the idea of the blissfully unaware, first pregnancy  anticipation being … Continue reading

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Is your baby everything you expected?

And by expected, I mean planned. Because that’s what we do when we are looking forward to the arrival of our little ones. We plan… and hope.. and dream. But just as we place lofty expectations upon ourselves (and our … Continue reading

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Funny things people say…

I’ve been a lover of language all my life. Language is powerful. Language is a beautiful contradiction, capable of both bringing people together and tearing them apart. Language is the key to societal progress, and has always been so. All … Continue reading

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Eating words… and cheetos.

  It’s funny how you have all these mental designs of the kind of parent you will be long before you become one. It never crosses your pre-momma mind that you cannot determine your parenting tactics/style before you meet the … Continue reading

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Vote for me for funniest mom!

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Dear 16 year old Zac…

I had originally planned to write a sentimental letter to Zachary full of all the heartfelt things I would want to say to him on his 16th birthday. And I wanted to write them now  before he is actually a … Continue reading

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