A new day, a new lesson, a new mystery…

“Take my hand and I will lead you to a love that’s deep and strong…”

Each new day being Zachary Newman Perry’s mother, I learn a new lesson and I unveil a new mystery.  Little ones have a way of changing things up on you.  As soon as you think you know how to do this parenting thing, yesterday’s favorite things are tomorrow’s instruments of torture.  As soon as you think you know, “Oh he always loves bath time” or “He always naps till 3:00.” BAM! Dirty and tired is the new black. The only thing consistent day to day is change.

Movie time is a prime example of the mystery of a toddler’s mind. I could put a movie on upstairs on a 46 inch flat-screen TV with surround sound. Zero interest.  Put the same movie on a 14 inch laptop with shitty audio and place it in his lap? Glued. Go figure. This follows the same philosophy as Woop Woops (Fruit Loops) on the floor are a yummy snack, whereas Fruit Loops in a bowl or cup? No thanks, mom. And we’ve all felt the pain of realizing we spent way too much money on a toy when the box it came in turned out to be far more entertaining. I swear next Christmas, I am saving a bunch of money and giving the boys both a shoebox full of dry beans, an empty milk carton, and a candy cane. The possibilities would be endless! I’m serious.

So the key to staying a positive mommy when every day you’re faced with something else you thought you knew but you’re actually totally clueless about? You do what every woman does when they’re blindsided and confused. Pretend you saw it coming and play along!  And just know that in every lesson, and every smashed Woop Woop you vacuum up, there is love. Oh, and never let em see ya sweat!

My best friend, my teacher, my son.


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About dramafreemama

I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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15 Responses to A new day, a new lesson, a new mystery…

  1. Chris Carter says:

    Oh yes!!! Motherhood is all about figuring out how to care for our little ones one changing day at a time!! Visiting from Kludgymom link up!

  2. Chris Carter says:

    Motherhood is always a step in the dark every darn day!!! We just learn as we go!! Visiting from Kludgymom link up!!!

  3. Lea Ann says:

    I love “dirty and tired is the new black”. That’s hilarious. And so true!

  4. gigi927 says:

    Truly the only constant in parenting is change. But it goes from little changes, like Froot Loops, to bigger and scarier.

    • Yeah, I’m not so much looking forward to the teen years… I mean I am, and I’m not. I teach 11th grade, so 16 year old angst is what I’m good at. But i don’t have to take it home with me…. thank god he (and little bun on the way) is a boy!

  5. margot says:

    Mommy. Its the coolest job in the world, isn’t it? Thanks for helping me to remember to appreciate it!

  6. What can you do except roll with it, right? Sounds like you’ve got it figured out for today! 🙂
    Stopping in from Kludgy Mom!

  7. Colleen says:

    Fickle thy name it toddler!

  8. I’d kind of like a t-shirt that says “dirty and tired is the new black.” With toddler footprints up the back, perhaps. #MommyChic

  9. Totally. You just have to roll with it!

  10. Truly, they will always remain a mystery. My boys are both teens and just when I think I know what makes them tick, they change it up on me. I’ve given up predicting, and I am just enjoying the ride.

    And I love @chimomwriter’s suggestion for the t-shirt!

  11. MJ says:

    I’m not entirely sure they ever grow out of it. Mine are seven and three, and every day is a new adventure.

  12. Jackie says:

    I have 4 kids from 3 – 17 and I swear there is always something new and entertaining going on here. I don’t pretend to know what I’m doing anymore either…. it’s simply not worth the effort!

  13. Lady Jennie says:

    Woop woops! That is so cute!!! I’m feeling this way about my puppy right now, by the way.

  14. So much love. And so many woop woops! Raising little ones is a never-ending adventure and you captured it here. Well done, mama! Visiting from Kludgy.

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