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2012… An age of entitlement?

It is my firm belief that being part of a family unit comes with certain responsibilities– duties or “chores,” if you will, that you perform just because you are member of the family. We’ll call them Family Club dues… you … Continue reading

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A new set of Thank Yous…

I’d hate for my friends/readers to think I was losing my edge…so here’s a new set of Thank yous that don’t belong on the Hallmark channel. A special thanks to the parent of a most charming eleventh grader for having … Continue reading

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From attitude to gratitude… a class project.

In an effort to bring some positivity to an otherwise glum week, I have instated a mandatory thank you policy in my classroom. If anyone does or says anything nice/helpful on your behalf, you must pause and make make an … Continue reading

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The 7×7

At first I did not understand the 7×7, then I read one and I figured out that it is just another way for the blogging community to share more of their beautiful selves and praise each other. And we can … Continue reading

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A new day, a new lesson, a new mystery…

Each new day being Zachary Newman Perry’s mother, I learn a new lesson and I unveil a new mystery.  Little ones have a way of changing things up on you.  As soon as you think you know how to do … Continue reading

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The top 10 things overheard in my house on a rainy Saturday…

Rainy days in college meant staying in bed till noon, Chinese delivery, and movies.  Ten years later, now mommy to a very busy 20 month old boy, a rainy day entails a level of patience even God didn’t know was … Continue reading

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20 months today… and practicing to be 2…

I don’t like my baby. Not one bit. He is practicing…. practicing real hard to be a  terrible two year old. He’s sure to be a professional by June. My ears hurt from the perpetual screeching all afternoon, for no … Continue reading

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What next? (Knock on wood.)

It never occurred to me during the entire time I was cradling my sick baby,  soothing his whimpers, and toweling his sweaty little head (Oh, and catching his puke with my own pajamas)… that I might get this nasty bug … Continue reading

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Crescent lessons…

This is not a foodie blog. Nor do I intend to make it one. But the simple fact remains that I have never been able to keep a good idea to myself, whether it be for the kitchen, the classroom, … Continue reading

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