Everything I need to know I learned on Pinterest…

P is for procrastination... at it's finest.

Because I needed another time suck, one of my former students, whom I now call a friend, introduced me to the wonder that is Pinterest. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to immediately go to www.Pinterest.com and request an invite to join and wait to be accepted. Or send me your e-mail address and I’ll invite you. (We pinners are exclusive like that.) That is, unless, you ever again plan to accomplish any real work while a computer is present. Thanks be, to the clever internet gods that “pins” are not time-stamped, or I’d be fired. Just being honest.

Addiction is scary.

You see, Pinterest is sneaky. It’s loaded with super-nifty ideas for improving and organizing and re-purposing the clutter in your home… and your life. And it’s littered with clever quips about relationships and health and parenting and whatnot. So you end up with this online hub of links to all these actually very productive, creative ideas and recipes.  It all sounds very teacher/mommy/wifeish, no? What could go wrong? And then BAM! Irony takes over…because in the hour I just spent perusing fantastic ideas for tidying up my pantry, I could have just tidied up the damned pantry twice. No special method required.

So let me do you a favor, friends. I’ll save you some precious hours and sum it up for you. The 10 most useful things I have learned on Pinterest this week are as follows (drum roll please!):

1. You can roll up pretty much anything in a Pillsbury crescent roll and it’s damn tasty. (pepperoni and mozzerella string cheese–perfect party app!/ chocolate chips and marshmallows– fun s’more-like dessert!/ leftover potroast and shredded cheddar– revive leftovers!/ peanut butter and jelly— umm, duh.)

2. Chalkboard paint on pretty much any surface will make it write-on friendly. I know this sounds like DERRR, but it’s the things you’d never think of. Like an old platter– hang it up with a wide ribbon for a classy take on a kitchen message board! Kid’s dresser drawers– label them with their contents! “Sock” “PJs” etc. Canisters– label them also! “Sugar” “Coffee” etc. You get the idea. The organizing, labeling, messing up (or changing your mind) and wiping clean possibilities are endless! And why not skirt the initial shock of the inevitable and just teach your kids to go ahead and write on your shit.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go start an herb garden and label all my mini terracotta pots with chalk on a slash of this slate miracle.

3. The ingredients of Mexican recipes are all basically the same. The only thing that changes is the vehicle in which to arrange them. (ie- Taco shell, flour tortilla, corn wrap, salad bowl etc.) Actually, I think I learned this via Taco Bell, but Pinterest definitely confirmed it, and then added casserole dish and crockpot to the mix. 

4. With a couple cans of spraypaint, a hot glue gun, and a handful of thumbtacks, I could rule the world. Just sayin.

5. Kid’s hand and feet prints are the jump-off point for 5,327 adorable holiday craft ideas. Hand print Christmas trees, thumb print twinkle lights, handprint Turkeys, footprint ghosties… I could go on. Really. My child will grow up knowing that his feet were loved. And that his fingerprints are in the system.

6.There are a lot of really neat moms out there doing amazingly creative things for their kids’ teachers and their classrooms. Somewhere. And I hope I am one of them some day. 

7. A lot of my friends have really extravagant ideas for their ideal homes, weddings, workout plans etc. Few of them will come to fruition.

7B. And very expensive taste in shoes that appear as if noone, besides Barbie, could successfully wear them and remain upright. Err, What’s a Louboutin?

8. There is no occasion for which a smartass postcard is not an appropriate solution or gesture. “I’m sorry did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?” 

9. Raw cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron? Why didn’t I think of that? I’m seriously going to try this ASAP. I’ll report back. 

10. You will likely do more of those 101 Things To Do With Your Toddler if you log the hell off Pinterest. TRUTH.

Log off and go play.


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I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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8 Responses to Everything I need to know I learned on Pinterest…

  1. Diana T. says:

    So good. Just shared it on the FB. And I never do that. Don’t get excited — I only have like 5 or 6 FB friends. But they’re ALL going to see your post now. So that little bump you just got? That’s The-i-singer bump. Very well done.

    • Stephanie says:

      I am one of the “5 or 6” friends who saw the link and followed. I never ever comment on people’s blogs, but this rang so true, I love it. I like to make myself feel better about the amount of time I waste on Pinterest by judging my friends who pin way more than I do. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Tie Tie!

  3. Jenn says:

    I had to go back and look to see what I’d actually accomplished in all my grand ideas from Pinterest, and I’d have to say the best was the Pull Apart Cinnamon Bread I made this week. Amazing!!! 🙂

  4. I tried the cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron… seriously the most delicious, clever trick I’ve tried. From can to plate in 3 minutes. And the little squares act as perfect little reservoirs for the icing so it doesn’t ooze everywhere!

  5. Tracey says:

    I have been tempted by (or maybe taunted by??) Pinterest but have not yet signed up. Saw a cool photo or two but closed the daggone window before I got sucked into the vortex…LOL. Thanks for the warning!

  6. I LOVE Pinterest. I think the thing that I gained from it was using sheet protectors over worksheets (tear out pages from workbooks) and use dry erase crayons/markers for my kids. Since I home school and have three kids this will save me money in the LONG run. Plus my kids and easily redo their work if they make a mistake.

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