Fast, cheap, and easy… just the way you like it.

“You’re invited! Bring a dish!” My two most favorite (and simultaneously dreaded) phrases of this wonderful holiday time. Sure it’s nice to be invited to things; and who doesn’t love a good smorgasbord of random appetizers and sweets? But sometimes preparing one more thing during such a busy month of shopping, cooking, decorating, etc. seems like a hassle. Ok, it IS a hassle. Allow me to introduce you to my ace-in-the-hole, easiest, cheapest, crowd-pleaser on earth. And no her name’s not Bambi. It’s PUMPKIN DIP.

1 can of pumpkin, 1 package softened cream cheese, 1 cup confectioners sugar (that’s powdered sugar for you amateurs), 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground ginger. Mix it up in a big ol’ bowl. Serve chilled with ginger snaps and sliced pears. =$7.59, including the fruit. BAM! Take that, Rachael GAY!

No seriously though, you can’t fail.

Pumpkin Dip w/ Ginger Snaps

*The leftovers, should you have any, are notably delicious spread on a bagel.


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I am a wife, homeowner, teacher, sister, pet-owner, and friend...But the most humbling and moving role in my life to date is that of a mother, or better yet, a MOMMY. We live in a rural area of Virginia and we keep it simple. This blog is about juggling life in all these different roles. Please subscribe/follow and ENJOY!
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3 Responses to Fast, cheap, and easy… just the way you like it.

  1. I have since modified this recipe to contain 2 tbsp powdered sugar and 2 tbsp brown sugar instead of 1 cup powdered… it’s delicious and cuts the sugar a tad!

  2. David says:

    “Take that, Rachael GAY!” Grow up..

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